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Scottish Naval Exercise Areas Information


The purpose of this web site is to provide information about Naval Activity in Scottish coastal waters to other mariners.

The site is divided into 3 main sections dealing with the QHM Clyde, the Scottish Exercise Areas (SXAs) and activity at the Cape Wrath Firing Range.

Click on an area of the Chart opposite to navigate to that area of the site.
The Areas on the chart are:

1. QHM Clyde
2. West Coast SXA
3. East Coast SXA
4. Cape Wrath Range

Map of Scotland showing the Scottish Exercise Areas (SXA's) - click on the part of the Map to go to the corresponding area. 3. Cape Wrath Range 2. West Coast (excluding the Clyde) 1. The Clyde 4. East Coast

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JW101- Brief for Fishing Vessels and Ferry Operators

QHM Clyde/Leisure Users guide

CWM 05/10 Chart 2000 - Gareloch

CWM 04/10 Chart 2000 - Gareloch

CWM 03/10 Chart 3746 - Loch Long

CWM 02/10 Chart 2000 - Gareloch

NOTE: All CWM's except those listed above are cancelled.



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Exercise Joint Warrior 101          12 - 23 Apr 2010

Exercise Joint Warrior 102          4 - 22 Oct 2010

Port Closures

When it is necessary to move submarines or large vessels to or from the Dockyard Port it becomes necessary to prescribe additional restrictions to those, which operate within a Port normally.

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