Our site :

rnopsscotland.com is the brainchild of several individuals from the Scottish Business Community, from varying backgrounds and with widely diverse political beliefs. We do, however, share the common beliefs that:

  • This is NOT a political decision, but a choice about how we want to be governed in the future, and how much control we wish to have. The decision as to WHO is in charge will be decided in general elections AFTER the referendum.
  • Most people would prefer that they, and their children, have more control over their lives and futures, PROVIDED that it doesn’t come with unacceptable economic burdens, and therefore . .
  • The Scottish public MUST be furnished with the facts and figures which will allow them to assess the economic impact, together with a balanced view on the likely scenarios which would exist after a Yes, or a No vote. That should ensure a well informed decision, and the correct one for Scotland.

Unfortunately, no-one can give guarantees on the future, regardless of which way we vote, so all we can really do is analyse the facts and figures to hand and make a best assessment of the likely outcome for both a Yes and a No.

Therefore, we have tried to examine each of the main subjects which have been contested in the debate so far. We have investigated the historical facts, compared both sides of the argument and attempted to arrive at an informed conclusion as to whether a Yes or a No would be in Scotland’s best interests.

Have a look through and hopefully it will help you make up your own mind. One thing is for sure, on 19th September, we will all still be Scottish regardless of the outcome . .